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About Our COVID-19 Coronavirus Safeguards

The health and safety of our customers and our team is our No.1 priority.  Please note that while we take every measure to ensure that our products are safe from market, to kitchen, to oven, to packaging, we cannot control how they are handled once they leave our kitchen. You may also see a delay in shipping times. Please know that we are still monitoring this situation closely and if needed, we will make changes or adjustments to best suit our customers needs and safety. Stay updated! Click on the social bar above to stay informed on our most recent updates.

Raspberry Macaroons


The online store is currently closed. Please visit us again soon to order your sweet treats!



Cutie Qi Cookies

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Cutie Qi Cookies



I'm simply a chick with a dangerous sweet tooth who likes to bake. And I'll be honest, this is perhaps a love I've inherited from my momma. Growing up in the house of a dynamic pastry chef can do that to ya.


I think, though, that what sets me apart from the everyday cookie baker is the delivery and presentation by which I set my standard. Each cookie I bake is special to me and so is each person for which I bake them. So it's important to me that both are able to meet up, because that's where the magic happens. ;)


It started when I decided to make my friends their favorite cookies as birthday gifts, and someone suggested I share the decadent confections with others. So I thought, "Why not?"


Thus, the creation of Cutie Qi Cookies.  I hope you enjoy the entire cookie experience as much as I enjoy preparing and delivering them to your taste buds. And I'm constantly drumming up new ideas for new and better cookies. So come back and see me soon.



Going above and beyond and outstanding customer service is our ultimate goal. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or if you just want to say HI!  We're here if you need.

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